Friday, December 30, 2011

Earnest Efforts Natural Woodworking

So For Christmas Gifts for my boys I participated in a Co-op (through Bargain girls) For 100% Natural wooden Rattles and "Spirit Shakers" From a Mom and Pop called Earnest Efforts (facebook, Etsy) Who create these Beautiful Rattles out of Woods they collect from around the Pacific Northwest. All non- toxic materials used in the process.

(Black Walnut Spirit Shaker)

This was one buy I was very impatient to receive. I couldn't wait to give these rattles to my youngest and see how he likes them. As soon as I opened the Poly-mailer from my co-op hostess I couldnt help but play with these rattles. The craftsmanship is beautiful as well as the wood as you can see in the pictures. There are no Stains or Dyes used to color the wood its all the natural beauty of , well... Nature haha.
It was still a few days before Christmas and I was having a grand time with them while the kids were asleep . Mean ole' husband finally made me wrap them and put them up so Santa could put them in the stockings.

Christmas morning comes and Im so excited to let my Youngest open his rattles. (I knew they were not going to be huge with my oldest.. Daddy went overboard this year haha!) My youngest was a little overwhelmed on Christmas day, with Big brother going insane ripping everything open, tossing gifts for Daddy to help open, running around like a crazy man. So it wasnt until a bit later that DS2 (Dear son 2) Figured out what they were and that they were His! He LOVES to bite them, and shake them, one of the few rattles he likes to use. He has picked a favorite too, seems his favorite one is the Black Oak which is very textured to the touch. (But they dont normally make Black Oak rattles) The Rattles are a great fun for on the go, in the car, home, just not the bath hehe.
My oldest got the Spirit Shaker which he uses to annoy the ferret, and chases him through the house.
(Black Oak) (Cherry)

These rattles would make an EXCELLENT baby shower gift for any expecting mom. Whether she is a Crunchy mom wanting Natural toys for her little one or even the Elegant momma wanting beautiful toys. Anyone With a baby can appreciate these (IMO) Works of baby play Art.
I am highly considering getting one of eat type of wood =D

For Craftsmanship, Looks, and Useable-ness
I give Earnest Efforts Rattles and Spirit Shakers
5 out of 5 Snaps

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  1. What a wonderful & generous review of our baby rattles! The videos are great fun. You rocked our snowy morning.
    Be well, Earnie, Ellie & Myrtle Efforts

  2. Most companies now use poly mailers especially for fragile objects such as this natural magnificent woodwork in this post.