Monday, July 9, 2012

A How-to, Let make some Wool Balls!

How to Create your own wool Dryer balls!

So I figured I would branch out from Reviews to How to's. I'm Not sure how many "how to's" I will do but I have one now for yall. (Please send suggestions on things you wanna know how to do, and I'll try to figure it out)

My Balls are simple and nothing fancy , But effective.
So what you will need is Acrylic (or other synthetic fiber) Yarn. (I got mine at the dollar store for .. well.. a dollar, and I decided to get two different colors.)
100% wool yarn.
Old nylon tights.

First you take the Synthetic yarn and start a ball, Make it at least 2-3 inches in diameter (you can make it larger if you wish) Now that you have your Budget Saver Center created you can start on the 100% wool yarn, You can use any color you wish. Now continue with the outside of the ball til its about the size of a tennis ball. (you can make them any size you wish, if you notice mine are different sizes lol)

Now Place your Yarn balls into the nylon, Tie a knot at the open end so the balls will not escape. Wash the balls in a regular wash with any laundry you have that needs a good cleaning.

Once your load of laundry is done Dry as normal. Yes, dry your balls in the dryer.
Welp it should be all done =) Now cut open your nylon and check to see if your balls are felted together, if not just put them back in a nylon and run through the wash and dry a couple more times.
You can add scents with Essential oils or leave unscented, put in your dryer and BAM you have energy savin, laundry beatin, Scent leavein, Dryer balls.
After wash and dry

Before wash and dry

On a side note: If you wish to use 100% wool on your balls you sure can. These I made were just to save a little money since wool can get very expensive.
Dryer balls are not just for cloth diapers! These are used to help keep drying time down, which keeps Utility costs down! A recommended amount for good quick dry time is 10 balls per load.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Woolies By: Sincerely Young

I have a friend, She makes Woolies, and she does absolutely Beautiful work. So here comes my Review on :

I bought my first set of woolies longies from Olivia at Sincerely Young. It took me forever to figure out what color I wanted because they were all so pretty. Finally Olivia recommended a colorway that was perfect for our camo loving family. I sent her my youngest son's measurements and she got to work. She was done so Fast I swear it was hours, though pretty sure it was a day or so. I got it in the mail soon after. My longies smelled so good, and look amazing! As you can see in these photos She does an AMAZING job! And yes she makes things for Girls too! Skirties, Shorties, Longies, Soakers OH MY!


My World of Warcraft (WoW) Soaker!  
Yes she can do Both factions!
leg close up
crotch close up
So I found out she also can make WoW patterns! So now my son Sports the Horde colors!!


not mine. Oh Lord no I would never own this =) But Olivia created this as well.

Action shots!:

Olivia Young at Sincerely Young gets 5 out of 5 snaps!

If you decide to get a custom wooly from Olivia Please let her know Krystal Curry sent you =)
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

FuzziBunz Onesize Pocket Diapers (Long time coming)

Fuzzibunz OS Pocket Apple Green and Watermelon
made in Turkey

So while Im working on my Babywearing Blog I figured I would post a review of my Fuzzibunz. The First Cloth Diaper I ever owned!
my very first box of diapers!

I First learned about Cloth Diapers 15 months ago. I was pregnant with my second and needed to save money. As I talked my Husband into I was researching all the diapers we could get. I found Fuzzibunz on Amazon for a few dollars cheaper then buying from their site if I ordered 12 of them. So I ordered 2 sets of 12 and thought I was set for cloth. (Little did I know I would become addicted and would get in trouble time after time thanks to diapers)
We ordered our diapers a month (May) before Blake was born, but thanks to a hurricane in the gulf I didnt get them til nearly August. Boy was I excited to finally got the first box!


I ripped it open and in awe I looked at them. These were the first Cloth Diapers I had ever seen in person! The colors were so bright, they were so soft. I was super Excited to try them out on Blake who was already well over a month old. I opened them up and took a look at them. They came with two inserts, one new born size and one larger.. Also stuck to the inside was a sticker for a giveaway they were doing. On most of my diapers I didnt have any residue left when I took off the sticker, though a couple did. It eventually washed out , with no effect on Blake.

Fleece liner

Adjustable Elastic

 They are made with a fleece liner. And adjustable elastic in the legs (front and back are adjustable), which is nice..

  Its just an open pocket, which has a large opening and great for large hands. The only thing is It doesnt stay large. Once you are past the opening it gets really hard to get your hand in for the stuffing. And the Sticky PUL doesnt help either. 



 The outside of these Fuzzibunz comes in great colors. It took me a while to get them just right and not to leak. Since they were my first Cloth Diapers I had that learning curve.Since the OS has adjustable elastic there are no Rise snaps. So the front looks very clean no matter what size your baby is in. Its A very tighter looking fit, and I have noticed that unless the Fuzzibunz are falling off my son, they tend to leave marks on him.
Tootie Fruitie
Marks on legs

 My Experience:
Fuzzibunz is an honest company with a good warranty on their diapers. I had 2 of my Fuzzibunz' Snaps break with in a month or so. I filled out their claims form and sent my 2 diapers back (I paid shipping)  And they sent me two brand new Elites Onesize diapers, which were an Upgrade from the style I had. To make up for my shipping cost they sent me a Free Fuzzibuz Mattress Pad which retails for around $40! (your items may vary in retail value) I would say that well makes up for my few dollars in shipping! And Yes, They paid shipping back to me.


From the Fuzzibunz site
Now you can get the FuzziBunz Onesize Elites (not the style I have, mine have been discontinued) from their site for $19.95 each, or less is you buy in bulk. They come in a ton of great colors and now have sayings on some of the bums. They even have Perfect Sized diapers if OneSize isnt your thing (Perfect Size is cheaper then OS). They also have many other products including Mama cloth!


I give FuzziBunz Onesize Diaper 5 out of 5 snaps.

Though they leave some marks, and are a little hard to stuff, Once I got the hang of Cloth I have never had a leak and their Customer service makes up for any small issue I may have with the diapers.

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