Thursday, December 29, 2011

Cloth Cooperative Raffle Fundraiser !

Informative Ferret wants you to know :

The Cloth Cooperative is in need of some donations to help start a new program. We want to start a new born diaper rental program (logistics still in the works) And need some revenue to help cover shipping cost and to get some custom sew on labels for donated diapers.
Addicted to Fluff will be holding a Raffle (hope to start mid jan or sooner) Where you can get "tickets" to up your chances to win donated items.

We are currently in search of said Donated items =) Diapers, home made items, non-baby related, or pretty much anything lol, From businesses or personal donors. They will be shipped from Donor to winners directly. Each donated Item Automatically gets you 5 "tickets" for a chance to win a different item in the raffle, Or you can donate your tickets back to the Cloth Cooperative.
Each donated Dollar gets you 1 "ticket" in the drawling
Every $10 donated gets you an extra 3 free "tickets"

If you would like more information on the Cloth Cooperative you can visit
And if you are wanting to donate for the raffle you can email :

More information will be posted as we get ready to start the Raffle! Be sure to follow this blog and subscribe to email updates!

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