Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HandsewnbyMe Cloth Diaper ornaments

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Just a fast post about the awesome little Cloth diaper ornaments I found just before Christmas. Bargain Girls group wanted to give some special ladies (our hosts) a gift that would describe us all to a T . We searched High and low all over the web and someone finally found these ornaments.

I swear I could hear the giggles of Glee from all over the country coming from the Bargain Girls. lol These were a MUST for our hosts! we ordered them and I swear she sent them through a teleporter cause they seemed to get here over night..When I sent them to our hosts they were well liked, some mommas decided to use them as doll diapers so im pretty sure they are going to get lots of use and love.
The Price was the Best I have seen for anything like this, something that cant be passed up =) She Has great service and I plan on buying from her more in the future.
Handsewnbyme has all sorts of cloth goodies, but her main bread an butter are Fitteds. Adorable Fitteds at that. I have not purchased one yet, But I plan to soon. So Follow my blog for updates on this Seller.
For Cuteness , well made, and good Customer service, I give Handsewnbyme
5 out of 5 Snaps

Just a couple more of the ornaments I got.

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