Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rump Arounds *Two snap Pocket Diaper*

Video review

So I received an adorable Diaper from a company In Canada called Rump Arounds.
At first glace these diapers could be confused for Alvababy Diapers, but with a closer inspection you can clearly see there is one big difference.

(Rump Arounds is the I Love you Diaper, Alvababy is the Circles)
As you can see they are a little bigger then an Alva Which made me very happy. I already Love my Alva's but bigger is better when It comes to my Bruit of a baby.

I put it on my dear son and they fit Great! Nice and snug on the smallest setting. He ran around for a while to See the fit and how he could move. We had no leaks ! Which thats the most important issues isnt it ;-) ? Next after the wash was a Night use. They worked as well as any other diaper, I do not recommend them for a heavy wetter like mine though.
I also received a Bamboo Trifold. Now this was my first Trifold so i was not sure exactly how to use it. After a few tries I felt so goofy for thinking it couldn't be used just like an insert (hehe)
These work great for extra Umph at night!


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