Monday, October 31, 2011

How thankful for Fluff are you?

Hello my Fluff addicts!
How thankful for Fluff are you? Im pretty darn thankful for mine! So thankful That I want to hold a Donation drive for the Cloth Cooperative! A non-profit, that provides Cloth Diapers To families who other wise would not be able to afford them.

You can donate one (or both) of two ways. You can either go to the CC website and find a needy family yourself and donate diapers directly to them or you can money that will go to buying brand new diapers here: Cloth Diaper Cooperative Drive
The holidays are coming up and the last thing families need to worry about is if their baby has enough diapers! Please Open your hearts to help families in need, and lets make this drive a huge success!

Here is the Donors page , it gives you all the information on what type of diapers and how to donate.

Find them on Facebook : Cloth cooperative

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