Friday, November 4, 2011

Kawaii Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover

So for my First Review I thought I would review an easy diaper. I just received a Kawaii "Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover" with Velcro close. I ordered this diaper For my DH, He always complains about the snaps on all my diapers so I though velcro (kinda a "no duh" on my part), He also complains that his hands are to big to stuff all my pockets. Sooo Cover it is. (which he has yet to even try! Grr! lol)
This Cover is pretty neat compared to others I have seen. Instead of it needing to place over a fitted or a Prefold, Just insert an Insert and away we go! (can use on prefolds or fitteds as well)

No need to stuff, or fold, or whatever you do with a fitted lol.
I recently had this on my son and had the pleasure of Explosion testing it! I had 1 Micro Fiber insert inside and he pooped. Not just a little poo but enough poo to make a poo baby out of! When normally my Fuzzibunz Pockets leak the poo out, this little cover held it all in! Not a drop went where it wasnt suppose to go!

This cover has 3 sets of Rise snaps for a nice fit, can come in either Snap or Velcro. Has Laundry tabs so no diaper trains, and a PUL lip on the inside to not only stuff the insert in but to also help stop leaks.

My son is currently 16 pounds and 26inches long. The smallest setting fits him great!
Legs fit really nice, and as you can see he has plenty of room to grow in the waist.

All and all I give the Kawaii Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover:
5 out of 5 Snaps

The Kawaii "Happy Leak-Free One Size Diaper Cover"
can be bought on the Kawaii Website for $4.90 each
They come in several solid colors.

Just because it cost more
Does not mean
its Worth more!


  1. I haven't tried kawaii, but love my alva baby dipes. They hold explosions very well too. Have to try some of these though. They are a little cheaper than alva baby.

  2. I have Alvababy Diapers and Love them! I also got with this order a One Size Goodnight Heavy Wetter and a One Size Snazzy Minky. I like them both. But I like my Alvas better. Ill do a review on them as well as soon as I get a chance to take pictures.