Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Alvababy S series (AkA 4.0 Double Gusset, or Color Snap)

I have had my Alvababy S series diaper for a little while now and though I only have one I am totally in Love with it!
There are so many features its hard to pick where to start!

So I guess Ill start from the outside in. Alvababy S series comes in several very cute colors and prints, along with both single or multiple colored snaps.
Mine is solid black with Multicolored snaps. Sadly for me though The different colored snaps are only on the inside snaps , The outside snap are all one color (purple). Another outside feature is 4 rise snaps for a snug fit on even the littler babies.

S Series also has double waist snaps and 1 set of crossover snaps. Now for the Inside!
Snap in Insert (which it comes with 1 MF)

Double Pocket openings one in the front for easy snap in and one in the back which has an Envelope like close.

At the Front Of the inside This Special Diaper has an extra layer of PUL to help stop leaks in their tracks! And Yes it works!

Now for my Favorite part.
Double Gussets!

This makes this diaper nearly 100% leak proof! I have had it about One and a half months now and I have yet to have a leak. I use them on my heavy wetter for his Night diaper. I so wish I had more then just one!
The fit is great For my Little one. He is 16 pounds and around 26inches. I snap it on the second smallest setting (no crossovers) on both the Waist snaps and Raise snaps.
Now The Bad. Sorta hehe
So the only thing I dont like about this diaper is the Back elastic seems to have been stretched to tight when made so it sorta curls in on itself. making is Visually unpleasing but plenty functional.

A few extra Pictures.

lol Sorry I would have had a few front shots but he would not stop rolling over

You can Purchase this Alvababy diaper at Alvababy.com for 6.99USD Each with an option for free shipping!
So If you couldn't tell from the review already I LOVE this Diaper. With all its features to keep Everything in its place: Its design, prints, colors, and snaps I give it a:
5 out of 5 Snap review

Promise I will review a diaper That doesn't get 5 snaps soon hehe.

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