Friday, November 18, 2011

Whats Baltic amber you ask?

So these days (maybe forever IDK Im not that old lol) People have been talking about how Baltic Amber helps their baby with teething pains, Them with conic pains, Headaches, body aches. The list seems endless. Well What Is Baltic Amber? Does it have bugs in it? Does it really work? Or are all these people just crazy!?
Like you I was once out of the Amber loop. I thought, a bunch of tree sap couldnt possibly work to help pains and illness.

Lets take an in depth look to what Baltic Amber REALLY is.

Amber is Actually Fossilized tree resin NOT sap.
Baltic Amber (also called succinite because it contains 8% Succinic acid) comes from the Baltic Region of the Baltic Sea and is the largest deposit of Amber in the world with about 80% of the worlds amber found there. It dates from 44 million years ago.
Batlic Amber gets its Healing powers from Succinic Acid.

Succinate is a component of the citric acid cycle and is capable of donating electrons to the electron transport chain by the reaction:

succinate + FADfumarate + FADH2

What does that all mean? Well I have no clue lmao! But ok here it is. When Baltic Amber is full of this Acid and when it lays on your skin it gets warm releases an all natural analgesic (pain relief). In other words... Natural pain relief that DOES work (shown here by all my sciencey talk hehe)

Still skeptical? Well so was I even after reading everything, doing all the research talking to real moms using it. I still didnt believe it, and i was to afraid to spend the money. Then Like a sign from God I won a Bracelet made by: Dino-Daisy Amber Teething Necklaces

(Dino-Daisy teething Bracelet shown here as an Anklet)
And it actually worked! My very spit uppy then 4 month old was very noticably less spit uppy, less crancky and he just got two teeth (5.5months) in two days and he was a bit more spit uppy then normal days but a lot less cranky other then he didnt want to sleep.
So I decided to get my own and him some more. This time I ordered from a friend She owns Baltic Creations and does Amazing work!
I have Carpel Tunnel in both wrists but my right is worse then my left so I got a bracelet and behold it works! With out the Amber on I can hardly move my hand. With it im able to type, play with my son (who is very heavy and I am right hand dominate). So many things. Now I can wait to have the surgery to correct it until after my sweet boy is done nursing.

So there you go. An explication and a real life first hand experience with Baltic Amber. Oh and for the record. i have yet to see a bug .. I know.. I know.. Bummer!
For a complete list of Ailments Amber helps you can visit Baltic Creations healing Info page.
(My Son's Amber necklace WITH converter so i can turn it into an anklet)

(my two amber pieces from Baltic Creations)

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