Friday, November 18, 2011

Retailer of the Week info!

Retailer of the week
post 1 info

Hey retailers!

Once a week randomly I will post a status for someone to nominate you (or you nominate you). Have your fans comment on that status to be nominated. All Retailers of the week will be chosen on Sunday nights and from Monday to Sunday will have First Shout outs morning and night times, at LEAST 1 page share a day, and a Blog entry all about your shop!

Retailers Must have something to do with babies. Either Diapers, wipes, soaps, toys, etc etc.
And your fans Must like my page (and stay liked) for their nomination to Qualify. The more fans you have comment the more Chance you have to be the winner.

Free Advertising who can beat that?!
(remember must comment on the Status post only not my wall, nominations will not count if posted directly to the wall)

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