Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunbaby Diapers!


I recieved my very first Sunbaby diaper in October. I ordered it because my husband always complains I dont have boy enough prints so Skulls it is haha!
At first glance this diaper seems like all the rest, well except for the prints which are always unique. But if we take a closer look you can subtle differences.

Lets start with the outside:
Sunbaby diapers come with one row of waist snaps, one row of hip snaps, and 3 rise snaps.
For me these diapers Fit my 16lb 26.5 inch (almost)6month old son a little odd. I can never get the Hip snaps to snap with out feeling like im going to cut off his legs, they seem placed to far back on the wing.. But the waist snaps are just like any other diaper though mine seem a bit tight to unsnap So tight I almost ripped the PUL trying. I hear from others theirs are tight and with time loosen up becoming easier to unsnap.


The inside of these are nice. They are very soft and abosrbant. My first use it leaked but I think that was because i didnt prep well enough. I have had no issues since. The Sunbaby has a lip of PUL on the inside to help stop leaks from the top. Also has an Envelope style close to the Extra large pocket. Which I personally dont like the envelope style closes to pockets, but its not deciding factor. The Extra large Pocket opening makes it easier for even big hand Daddy to stuff. The inner layer is a bit thicker then the other diapers I have and much softer even after a few washes.

Sun Pei the owner of Sunbaby diapers Creates new prints I Once a month almost and discontinues the previous prints (once sold out they are gone) Which makes these diapers different from every other brand of diaper. The Prints are undoubtedly awesome and cute so it makes them a real must have in many Cloth diaper stashes. Since these Diapers sell for about $5.00 each (depending on size of package)on her site But only in packs of 6, 12 and 24 with or with out inserts (your pick of prints). So if you are looking to just buy one or a few diapers Coops are the way to go. And if you like a print that is no longer being produced then simply go to a Sunbaby facebook fan page and search it out. Sunbaby Diapers have a whole little underworld for buy/sale/trade, and some prints even auction for upwards of $30!
The biggest problem with sunbaby diapers is they seem to always be changing in size and color quality. So you are not sure if the new prints you get will be the same size as the last ones you ordered... This could be a major problem for us with larger babies, or even those with smaller ones. The last order you got might fit perfectly , but the new order the legs might not fit right.
For me these diapers are more accessory then anything So I would be willing to buy more and who could blame me for that price?

For Lack of consistency but good at keeping leaks in as well as a major variety of prints, and price
I give sunbaby diapers:
3 out of 5 snaps

See pictures of all the up to date sunbaby prints at " I Love Sunbaby Diapers " facebook page

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