Thursday, December 1, 2011

Baltic Creations Baltic Amber Baby/Adult Jewelry

Baltic Creations!
Baltic Amber Jewelry
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I posted a Blog Titled "Whats Baltic Amber You Ask?" a few blogs back so that I could post this one. I ordered my Baltic Creations amber because my dear son spit up a lot more then I felt was usual. After doing all the research, and looking at a lot (and I mean a LOT) of retailers, jewelry makers, and scam artists I settled on buying from Liana (owner and maker for Baltic Creations jewelry). Her prices are fair and she has a great reputation from her customers.

So I sat down and looked over her site, unable to decide on a color, shape, Oh there are so many choices. Took me a good 2 weeks to finally pick which necklace I wanted to get my son. Then of course she has to make an adult necklace that I just couldnt resist! Rainbow! YAY! I swear she could hear me squeal all the way down in Texas!!
I ordered them both along with a converter so that I could turn my son's necklace into an anklet at night. (My choice, most moms say its fine to leave on Im just paranoid) She got them out so fast I was very surprised when my son's necklace showed up.
As I ripped into the well sealed poly-mailer revealing a small white box and a few business cards, I was so very excited. My first bit of real Baltic Amber! I went inside and opened the little white box and literally Gasped out load! The Color of the Cherry nuggets was exquisite. Each stone was place with care, and a knot placed between everyone, so that If something were to break My baby would still be safe. It was perfect! And as the days went on and My son started to spit up less and less (added to the Dino-Daisy I had Won) I couldnt be more happier with it.

Then when Mine came in (ordered two different times) I once again was taken back at how pretty the color of the Amber was. I wear it constantly, getting many complements on how pretty it is. And my carpel tunnel is so much better then with out it!
(prices vary)
I Give Liana Over at Baltic Creations
5 out of 5 snaps!

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